Operation and maintenance


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Orefields Group performs, among other tasks, base maintenance on public roads in the Kiruna area on behalf of, among others, the Swedish Transport Administration, with a total road length of approximately 680 km. Our contract includes careful supervision and execution of measures according to current documents for the assignment, with a focus on ensuring safe and passable roads year-round.


We take care of everything from winter maintenance, such as snow removal and ice control, to summer maintenance, including road surfacing, ditching, and damage repair. Additionally, we are responsible for the annual maintenance of rest areas and green areas.


Continuous Monitoring and Preparedness: Orefields Group AB continuously monitors the road network and is prepared around the clock to ensure that any problems are addressed quickly and efficiently. Our emergency phone line is available 24/7 to guarantee smooth and safe operation.


Our Priorities:

Delivering top-notch results

Providing staff with high knowledge and competence

Striving towards a zero-accident vision

Performing actions at the right place and time

Ensuring good economics for both us and our customers


At Orefields Group AB, we are dedicated to creating safe and sustainable roads for Kiruna and its surroundings. With our combination of experience, precision, and dedication, we are ready to tackle all challenges in base maintenance and contribute to a smoother journey for all road users.